Monday, 11 February 2008

Feeding Birds

Whilst at Consal Forge Country Park, yesterday, we stopped for a while to watch the birds on the feeders. They have fat posts and seed platforms on the edge of a small scrubby forest area which attracts a variety of birds. This blue tit was feeding in a bit of a flap. This is one of the most common tit species in the UK and can be found throughout. Notice the blue cap on its head.The great tit is also a regular feeder in the Midlands. It is larger than the blue tit, having a black cap on its head and a black stripe down its breast.

This picture shows a great tit from the front. Many of the birds perch in the trees, waiting to get a turn at the feeders.

Here, a great tit and a chaffinch are feeding on seed spill from the feeders. The male chaffinch is a very distinct and easy bird to spot. The females are much plainer brown, but still display the white wing bars.
If you stand still for a while, the birds will feed only a few metres away from the observer. That is until a screaming child runs around the building, or a loose dog ventures past - then the little darlings scatter at a fast rate, venturing back after a minute or so, when the disturbance has passed.

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