Thursday, 17 July 2008

What a game!

When we got up this morning I saw a young bird on the patio. It looked like a baby thrush, just out of the nest, but it had a nesting posture and a very juvenile beak. It was not moving or seeking cover, so I picked it up and put it in a cat box for protection. Rosie went out to collect a few small worms and we tried to feed it. No joy.
I looked around the garden in all of the trees to see if there was a nest or a dislodged one. Nothing seemed to be out of place and no nests in sight. The bird had a wound just below its left wing. It did not look like a cat injury, more like a fall injury, and not too serious.

We went out to the shops, and when we came back, another small bird scuttled into the garage where I was about to park the car. This was clearly a baby starling which had also not got the strength to fly yet. It looked remarkably like the first baby bird. Ah! berries and seeds are needed.
Armed with this knowledge, a few black currants from the garden were picked and squeezed to break the skin. The little fellows could not get enough of them. They started to react like baby birds in the nest when presented with suitable food.
It seems likely that they are well conditioned to the parent birds by now, so I plan to feed them for a day or two and then set them free when they are strong enough to fly and the starlings come to call at the bird table. The cats are keenly interested in the events of the day so these two will have to stay out of harms way in the back of the garage for now.

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