Saturday, 2 August 2008

Up and Running

If you have a Microsoft keyboard, you cannot load windows XP onto a new build computer. The f keys do not work until the driver is loaded. It is a frustration, but with my cheap basic keyboard plugged in there is no problem.
In future, I am going to clone all of my data and software. It is a two day job to reinstall all of the software and recovery files onto the computer. My main gripe is that I can not load my acrobat writer any more as the CD-Rom is out of date on this system. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to produce a PDF file nowadays. After a bit if tweaking, the computed feels and looks like the old familiar machine before it burned. It is a little faster and hopefully a little better organised.
I lost all of my password associations and had to re-enter every one. I could not remember the password for one of my E-mails, so I E-mailed my service provider - Virgin Media. They will only allow me to have the password if I phone them. Two phone calls later and a total of 1 hour on hold and I still have no password. This is typical of user support at Virgin Media. In the end I tried every password I have ever used and eventually got the system to work.
Lots of hassel, but worth the effort in the end.

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