Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Autumn is here and now

The rain and wind abated, so we went for a walk to Fenton Park. Fenton is probably the least notable of the parks in the Pottery Towns, having mainly grass, trees and some municipal planting, with the occasional football pitch and tennis court. It was pleasant sitting in the park, watching the squirrels and magpies and listening to the profusion of bird song. The poor little birds have been rained off for days....!
Some trees are undergoing an early autumnal leaf fall. This sycamore leaf was just one of many that was strewn across the paths in the park. Some of the leaf is still green and it has clearly fallen a little early. Probably the result of a confusion of hormones induced by the unseasonal wet weather and the fall in temperature.
The garden is also showing signs of autumn, with the mahonia showing a good and colourful disply of colour in its leaves. This change is a month earlier than last year. The liriodendron tulipifera at the top of the garden is still growing some leaves and the plum tree in the vegetable plot is shedding leaves. It is an unusual year, what with the first tomatoes ripening at the same time as the courgettes are finishing. The wet weather and lack of sunshine is unbalancing the garden.
Today the sun is shining (at last) and the sky is blue (again) and all seems calm. if this keeps up for a week, the top lawn will be dry enough to cut before winter.

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