Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Buffalo in Derbyshire

On the way over to visit family in Chesterfield, we drove across the hills via Leek, Buxton, and Baslow. A stop to walk on the Chatsworth Estate and we saw quite a few trees in autumn leaf, whilst others were clearly still in full leaf.
The colours of some of the fallen leaves were quite interesting, with browns and reds and yellows. Most of the maples and some of the sycamores were undergoing leaf fall as were some of the native oaks. The chestnuts and horse chestnut were green and very summer like in appearance.
As we moved on, through Baslow, we took the Cutthorpe turning to avoid the town centre at Chesterfield. The traffic in this town is always a problem. A short distance along the B6050 I spotted a buffalo in a field. This had to be investigated.....

These are a herd of buffalo called Peak Buffalo at Nether Rod Knowle Farm, Eastmoor. It is the first time I have seen a large herd of these animals and it seems odd to see them in the Peak District. Unlike their African counterparts, these aminals were surrounded by ducks and lapwings. However, they looked like a content and well established herd. Seeing horns on farm animals is unusual in the UK. Quite an experience.

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