Tuesday, 2 September 2008

What a disaster!

Today we woke up to find the refrigerator had defrosted overnight. There was a dash to get some of the stuff into our neighbours freezer (which was quite full) so not all of our stock was lost. Rosie made jam out of the frozen fruit and plums when she got home from work, to affect a sort of rescue and we have managed to save some of the frozen curry. Of course it was curry for dinner today. I estimate that we have lost half of our freezer stock, perhaps 2-3 weeks worth of home produced food, and we have more plum jam than we can sensibly eat in a year.
The Freezer is only about 12 years old, quite a young bit of kitchen kit for us. It was running continually, but the circulation had failed - probably corroded inside the system. Thankfully, the ice lining the top of the freezer had not fully melted and I was able to remove it in chunks before it melted onto the floor.
This is turning out to be a real disaster of a month before it has started. With last month being the wettest July in living memory - the lack of sunlight has resulted in only one ripe tomato so far (Last year the crop was gone by the end of July) this year is not going to be forgotten very quickly.
No marks for guessing that we are shopping for a 'fridge-freezer after work tomorrow.

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