Thursday, 6 November 2008

Squirrels on the Brampton

Having only managed to observe evidence of foxes in our gardens, I decided to go for an easier observation this lunchtime. I left work to walk around Brampton Park in Newcastle under Lyme. There are squirrels in them there beds.....
I know they are technically an invading species and therefore vermin, but they are rather cute animals in an urban park setting.
I followed this fellow around the park for about 10 minutes - often within a few meters of him. He was foraging in the grass and flower beds for anything edible. He was not put off by people or the noisy magpies that fluttered around. This was a squirrel on a mission.

It is 20:30 and I have just been next door with Rosie whilst she looks after the neighbours cat. I put some food out for the foxes and stood in the shadows for a while. A small vixen scuttled across the lawn to the food and made a hasty retreat when she saw me. So, I went inside to observe from a dark room, through a window.
In the mean time, one of the local cats had found the food - we call him "Masky" because of his facial markings. I could see the vixen in the dim light, sitting at the edge of the lawn under the hedge. She remained there until the cat had left the garden.
Much to my surprise, the vixen did not move. Instead, a smaller fox, probably one of last years cubs, came out from a closer part of the hedge, across to the remaining food.
These opportunities often occur when there is no camera to record the event. At last I have seen the local foxes feeding!

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