Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gunnera in the woods

This morning I walked into the conservatory and our cat Chloe was sitting on the table in a very excited state, looking rather like a stary gazy rabbit on speed. Clack, clack, clack went the pigeons on the conservatory roof, they were pecking up wind blown seeds and driving our poor cat to distraction.
Meanwhile Rosie was in the process of baking a cake, when the power went off. I could hear burgler alarms going off in the distance and chuntering in the kitchen.

On Friday we went to our good friend Robert's retirement/birthday bash at Langar Hall in Nottinghamshire. The food was exceptional and the company very good. Lunch ended at about!
In the Grounds of Langer Hall is a river path that runs along the edge of a forest which is under planted with Gunnera. This plant is usually seen in Country parkland as single clumps of plant at the river or lakeside. Here there are masses of the rhubarb like spiky stemmed beasties, about half grown, throughout the whole forest. This is something unusual and special that was totally unexpected.

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