Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wildlife at Trentham

Rosie and I have been wanting to visit Trentham Gardens for some time - ever since they closed off the lake to the public and developed new garden facilities and a new cafe. Today was the day, as we had a 2 for 1 offer.
In the small show gardens, we saw dragonflies. I managed to capture this one on the wing.
This tortoiseshell butterfly was seen on these striking yellow flowers, giving a splendid burst of colour.
Of course, the herons were on the islands in the lake, as usual. Most of them were just too far away to get a clear image, but I did manage to capture this bird as it launched itself from a fallen tree trunk.
As we walked around the lake we could hear the cry of buzzards in the distance. We saw these two flying across the lake. A little while after, they were joined by two more birds and they started to wheel around the sky above us as a group.
I could not capture all four birds at once, but I did manage to photograph a different pair of buzzards. However, I think that the bird on the left here is one from the other photograph.

I did not notice any deer tracks in the forest or by the lake. The new fence around the gardens is keeping them out. What a grand day out.

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