Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Predator in the greenhouse

Having picked all of the tomatoes and removed the tomato plants from the greenhouse I am left with only one cucumber plant. It was difficult working around Harry as he had decided to spin his web across the middle of the greenhouse.
Harry is a common garden spider (Araneus Quadratus) of large proportions (probably a female) who has been clearing the greenhouse of flying pests for months. This is part of my natural pest control system, along with growing marigolds under the tomatoes to discourage whitefly.
The last of the tomatoes were still green, so Rosie made some green tomato and apple chutney. We now have 4 large cucumbers left, so we need to do something with those. The last crop in the garden will be the Brussels sprouts which are looking a bit sad after they were infested with caterpillars last month.

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