Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Just before Christmas we found ourselves in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. It is one of my favourite towns, with a wealth of good shops and two bays, including a castle, a significant harbour and seafront. It was the first established British holiday town.
The air temperature was close to -4 degrees and plovers were scurrying around the harbour waiting for tit-bits from the quayside fish mongers.
The only people braving the bitter cold beach were a couple walking their dogs and a trio of Japanese tourists avidly taking photographs of each other.

The reason for this impromptu visit was to attend my aunty Betty's funeral. She had been a significant influence to me and my brother in our childhood years and, though we seldom see the members of our distant family we were pleased to venture out in the winter weather to support the family at this sad time. As anticipated, the family produced a very fitting and appropriate celebration of her life which reflected her generous and truly Christian spirit.
My brother arrived in his 4x4 with our uncle and aunt from Warsop - it is a rare occasion to see him in a suit, so I feel a need to share this photograph. On the return journey we experienced some very cold temperatures and difficult road conditions. The air temperature was cool enough to freeze the screen wash, even though it had antifreeze added. The traffic was light on the motorways and we returned easily - I to Stoke and my brother to Mansfield. We have both driven professionally and these conditions, whilst challenging, are not a serious issue to us.

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