Friday, 12 February 2010

In Hanley Park

The Potteries are blessed with a public park in every town. Hanley Park is central to the city, Stoke-on-Trent, which is now celebrating its 100th birthday. This morning we walked in the park avoiding the occasional shower. Nice that the air temperature is above freezing.
The rock doves (city pigeons) were browing amongst the leaf litter for seeds. These variably coloured birds are resident inhabitants of the park.
Canada geese were browsing in the flower boarders for freshly emerging shoots and fresh new leaves.
There are coots (photo) and moorhens on the lake. These birds are seldom seen in the same area. The moorhens were flying over the patches of ice on the lake, but the coots were swimming at the edge of the lake where the surface water was liquid.
Muscovy ducks are part of the parks waterfowl population. They are larger than the mallards and have the distinctive red folds of skin around their eyes. Though the park is a little run down in some areas, it is quite an interesting place to go and look at the wildlife.
At the north entrance to the park is the new mosque. This project has been in the planning for many years and it is now nearing completion. It will be a welcome addition for the Stoke Muslim community, replacing the makeshift buildings that were previously used for worship.

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