Thursday, 11 February 2010

Walking in the Woods

It was such a fine day that we decided to walk in Trentham Woods. The view from the top of the monument was outstandingly clear and the picture above shows the lake and the Italian gardens in the distance.
There was an abundance of birds and as we walked, there was a buzzard in the tree ahead, which took to the wing as we approached. Lots of crows were cackling around us and the small tits and finches flitted from tree to tree. Robin song was everywhere.
On the way back we spotted a small heard of deer in the wet pasture, about half a mile away. This shot took my new camera to its limits, but you can count the deer clearly, there are 16 animals in view.
Though the temperature was rising from 2 to 4 degrees above freezing, the squirrels were out and about. The lack of wind and the bright sunshine gave a feeling of comfort.
We had coffee and biscuits back at the car, and a trip to the supermarket to look forward to an our way home.

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