Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pigeon Strike

During the last 3 days we have had 6 pigeons fly into our bedroom windows.  Most were dazed, but there was one fatality.  A squab hit the window head first and fractured its skull.  It fell down in front of our cat Chloe who just watched in amazement.  Time now to take action - so we went around the local garden centres to find stickers to put on the outside of the windows.  No joy....none of the outlets had anything in stock, so we ordered some.
In the mean time I have used electrical insulating tape to make shapes on the outside of the glazing.  This seems to have done the trick, but the rain will eventually cause the tape to peal off.  Hopefully, it will remain in place long enough to warn the pigeons so that we can install the appropriate stickers when they arrive.
The pigeons roost in trees at the top of the garden.  When they move to trees across the road at the front of the house, they fly between our house and our neighbours.  In the early morning and late evening, the windows reflect the sky and this has been confusing the birds.  Perhaps now they will be a little safer around these windows.
This little diversion was a welcome respite from my marking.  Having processed almost 3000 exam scripts so far, it is thankfully coming to an end.

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