Thursday, 24 February 2011

The frogs are back

Every year the local frogs come to our pond to breed.  it is the spawning ground for the area and we eagerly await their return every year.  Today Rosie came in and said "The pond is heaving again".  The frogs are back.

Rosie had tried to take some pictures, but the frogs are very cautious of predators before spawning has occurred.  I went out and sat quietly by the pond for some time and I was rewarded with one decent shot of a frog.
Last year we spotted our first frogs on 17th March, after a very cold and long winter.  It is somewhat milder this year and the frogs are about much earlier.


Diane said...

I shall investigate my bin lid pond for signs of life! x

Jean said...

Pat tried to take a photo of a frog when we were at Hodsock last Thursday with my camera because I would not go anywhere near it!

Paul Pursglove said...

I am constantly delighted by the presence of frogs in our pond at this time of year. The population has increased since we rescued and released lots of young froglets a few years ago. This week I have seen frogs migrating across the lawn and paths to get to the pond. They have kept the slug population in our garden under control for a few years now.