Saturday, 14 May 2011

Out and About at Trentham Lake

How many herons can you see in this picture?
It was a windy day today and the local herons were all congregated around the Islands.
Occasionally one of the birds would fly, but the progress against the wind was very slow.
The Great Crested Grebes were courting and displaying their head crests to full advantage.  We did wait a little while to see if they would rise up in on the water, but the most that was on offer today was a mutual head shaking display.
Most of the coots on the lake were escorting young and diving to gather weed with which to feed them.  These little scarlet headed chicks were staying close and skirting around the lake edges.
The Graylag Geese have quite a few goslings.  A pair on the North Bank had seven to look after.
Newly fledged birds are everywhere and I was pleased to see a juvenile greenfinch amongst the sparrows on our lawn this afternoon.  I was not certain at first, but the greenish looking fluffy sparrow like bird displayed its distinctive wing bars when it flew off.

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