Saturday, 18 June 2011


Being quite enthusiastic about aircraft and finding ourselves just a few minutes from Duxford Air Museum, a visit was essential.  I have not visited Duxford before, and it is at junction 10 of the M11, so it is very easy to access.  Duxford has the Imperial War Museum collection of aircraft, many of which are in flying condition.
One of the most well known aircraft is the "Sally B", the Flying Fortress that was used in the film "Memphis Belle"  This aircraft was on the hard standing and would be going out to an air display later in the week.
The Consolidated Catalina was being prepped whilst we were there and that aircraft was also due to fly out to an air show at the weekend.
We had the pleasure of seeing this amphibious biplane take off on its departure.
Duxford is a really good visit as it has 8 hangers of historic aircraft and military vehicles.  It includes a Concorde, an American air-force hanger and a hanger of aircraft that are being refurbished into flying condition.
One such aircraft is this Bristol Beaufighter.  It is hoped that this aircraft (known as whispering death by the Japanese forces) will eventually be rebuilt to fly.
Another interesting sight was the Curtis P40b Warhawk.  This, and many other aircraft in the hanger, may well be seen at an air display near you soon.

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