Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hanging out at home

With the weather blowing hot and cold and looking like rain, the last couple of days have been centered around the home.  We have cleared up bits of the garden and re-arranged furniture in the house.

I baked some Devon Splits to create pictures for my bread website.  The original Devon cream teas were based on a bread roll with jam and cream.  The scone cream tea is an Edwardian tourist embellishment of what was a local treat.  They were delicious!
It is years since I have done a jigsaw and Rosie cannot remember the last time she did one. Our picnic table is now adorned with a completed jigsaw of a Lyme Regis scene.  1000 pieces in 3 days seems pretty good to me.
My lap - find your own!  Just as an aside I have been doing a bit of black and white photography.  Chloe was not too impressed.  I did disturb her rest period (20 hours a day on average).

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