Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tall Ships

On a recent trip to Charlestown, we saw the tall ships.
 Charlestown is home to the Shipwreck and heritage Centre.  This tourist site looks at the coastal heritage and lives of the Cornish fishing and trading community.  The harbour was developed from 1790 by a local landowner called Charles Rashleigh, primarily for the export of Copper and China Clay from local industries.
 Within the wet quay are a collection of tall ships which are seaworthy and occasionally sail at events.  One of the ships was away when we were there, involved in filming.
 From some angles, the scene must be similar to the sights of 150 years ago, though I doubt that the noise and smell or the lack of industrial activity would be the same.  Also, on closer inspection, the ships have modern navigation lights, radar reflectors and radio communications.  The zodiac dingies with outboard motors and many safety features required of modern sea going ships are also there to be seen, if you look hard enough.
Along the rocky shore, outside of the harbour, I found these 3 limpets.  They could not be arranged any better for a photo opportunity.

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Diane said...

I love Charlestown- its really unique. We had a look around one of the boats when we visited.