Monday, 30 January 2012

Snapping Birds

As we walked around the lakeside at Trentham Gardens, the light was good enough to snap some of the local birds at a good distance.
Graylag goose - seen in small numbers by the lake side throughout the year.  They raised quite a few young last year.
Mute Swan juvenile - one of last years cygnets is now adult size and may well soon be in adult plumage by the end of the year.
Coot - always seen at the lakeside, these are fully resident on the lake.
Black headed Gull - here in its winter plumage.  At its next moult it will show the black head throughout the summer.  These birds also seem to be resident all year now.
Coal Tit - never far away from the feeders at the lakeside cafe or the bird hide.
Grey Squirrel - OK not a bird, but quite ubiquitous throughout the woods, and quite tolerant of humans.

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