Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Birds in the wild

 Whilst walking out at the weekend we spent some time watching a Dipper feeding in the water of the River Manifold.  This bird must have dived a dozen times in as many minutes to catch small water insect larvae.  I have often seen dippers perched on rocks, but in the absence of any rocks in the water, this one was using low slung tree branches.
 Further along, the Crows were actively moving around and looking for whatever pickings they could find in the fields and meadows nearby.
 This juvenile blackbird was picking berries from an ornamental garden shrub at Ilam Youth Hostel.  These birds were hungry and not too fussy about having their photographs taken at close quarters.  This week, the winter frosts have returned after an unseasonably long and warm spell.
The cool weather did not put the local paragliders off.  At -1 degree Celsius they are cruising the updraughts on Bunster Hill.  Brave souls!

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