Sunday, 26 February 2012

Canalside Sculptures

This fine horse sculpture stands on the canal side near Nantwich Marina.  It is one of 6 sculptures that were commissioned to celebrate the restoration of the Nantwich Embankment.  They are set out along the side of the towpath, south from the marina, to the other side of the town.

1. Cliperty Clop, Cliperty Clop
2. The Dog Laps Up The Water With His Tongue
3. He Bears His Heavy Load Nobly
4. There Was A Boat Tied Up By A Rope
5. Day By Day, Water Swishing And Splashing
6. The Fishes In The Water Go Flip Flop

The horse sculpture, which is my personal favourite, is by John Merrill.  It is close to the aqueduct that bridges the A534, Chester Road.  From the marina, it is north, where the bridge over the canal allows you to cross from the Marina Basin.
It does not take long to walk along the canal towpath to see all of the sculptures.  Nantwich is also a good shopping town with lots of interesting small shops.

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Pia said...

Beautiful horse! I would really like to walk alongside this canal! Maybe one day ...

Pterosaur said...

We are a long way from Norway Pia. We do have many fine canals in the UK, as well as a lot of questionable ones! Its a long journey to see a wooden horse;-)