Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fixing the Greenhouse

For some years, our greenhouse has been in a state of decay.  The foundations were rotting and the ground beds were in a shocking state.  Some of the glass was cracked and broken and the roof was leaky.
Having concreted the floor, up went the big gazebo to shelter the structure from the rain, out came the glass at the back end, primed and painted the rear frame and patched up the walls.  End 3 bays glazed and clean and all in just 3 days.
Having done the back end and had a break.  The small gazebo was all I now needed to cover the front end, but it needed to be elevated to clear the greenhouse ridge.  This enabled me to remove the remaining dirty glass and prime the rest of the frame, even in the rain.  A couple more days and we should have a smart looking and functional greenhouse again.  All I need to complete the job are 7 new sheets of glass, so its off to the glaziers on Monday.

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