Monday, 28 May 2012


 This Goldfinch was seen at Wentworth Estate Village near Rotherham yesterday.  For some time now I have been noticing that these birds are seen much more frequently than in the past.  They are generally widespread across Europe and they appear to be coming more common across the UK.  Certainly in the last century the goldfinch was a partial migrant
 It is becoming resident in  the UK in larger numbers.  There has been a family group of Goldfinches around our garden for at least two years, continuously.  They must find enough food sources to support their offspring beyond the Niger-feeder that we provide in  the garden. 
This juvenile Goldfinch lacks the cardinal red face colours of the adults, but sports the vivid yellow wing bands.  The goldfinch fledgling was photographed in our garden in early May this year.

These are unmistakable birds and they tend to fly in groups, twittering gently as they flit by in a regular undulating flight.

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