Monday, 28 May 2012

Spring Pond Check

 After keeping tadpoles safe and well in the nursery tank, then returning them to the pond - seeing tiny froglets is always a joy.  These little ones stand a chance of surviving to adulthood now.
 The newts are looking healthy this year.  They have been very active in the warm weather.
 There is a lot of surface reaching as the higher temperatures tend to deplete the water of oxygen.
 This is a male smooth newt checking out the stones at the edge of the pond for potential food.
This year, all of the newts I have seen are smooth newts.  The palmate newts that also share the pond are not evident.  I shall keep an eye out for one this year.


Diane said...

Hi Paul, it was great to have you along for the trek yesterday - I always wonder what the birds and other wildlife are so its great when I have someone to tell me. x

Pterosaur said...

My pleasure entirely. What happend about that fossil that you mentioned a few weeks ago?

Diane said...

Forgot all about it! I'll save it for when I come down to Stoke. x.