Monday, 7 May 2012

Tadpoles got legs

Having spent a splendid morning walking in the Kings Wood and looking at bluebells yesterday, we were treated to a flypast of buzzards.
 Today I was pleased to see that my nursery tank was developing well.  We have a frog and newt pond in the garden and the young have great difficulty surviving predation, so I keep a nursery tank for a few lucky individuals.  The march snail eggs have developed sufficiently now to be able to see the shells within the eggs.
 The parent snails Limnea peregra are on rest from the wild at present.
To protect some of the frog tadpoles from predation by the newts, we separate them at a very young age.  This tadpole is showing the first development of legs.  It will be too big and fast for newt food now, so it will soon be going back into the pond.
 Chloe is taken by the small tank, she keeps going back for a fix - better than any TV program!

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