Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Our conservatory "garden room" was built by the previous owners of the house from bricks and the old windows when the house was double glazed.  It was essentially assembled from second hand bits and pieces.
The walls were damp, the roof leaked and the gaps allows a gale of a draft to blow through the door to the back of the garage.
Down it came - the damp walls resulted from a small cavity filled with cement, and surprisingly, the bricks had been loaded with gravel to reduce the amount of mortar used.  The wall was easily broken down.
This just left the base, which was sound and well built.  After chopping away the door step and levelling that part of the base, a new conservatory was put in place.
These custom built units are like Meccano kits.  The frames are pre-mounted and pre-drilled, slotting together very easily.  The flashing around the edge of the building was another problem well sorted.
It was not long before the whole structure was in place and glazed.  The frame is 17cm away from the edge of the old tiled floor, so the next task will be to add a row of tiles all around the edge to finish the job.
Just under two days from start to finish and we have a new and functional conservatory with no leaks, no drafts, a reflective roof panelling and a very good view of the garden.

Mier Glass - I am happy to recommend them to anyone.

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