Thursday, 16 August 2012

Our Hedgehog

 There have been hedgehogs in our garden for years.  The evidence of droppings and lawn damage is there, but we never normally see them.  However, this little beastie is now operating in the daytime.  Perhaps there is a sight problem or some aspect of food scarcity that is causing this.
 Chloe is not surprised by hedgehogs.  This one does not cause the excitement that other animals in the garden do.  She is happy to look at it from a distance.
 Getting a handle on the smell is important to cats, but when chloe approaches the hedgehog, she is careful to keep her delicate nose clear of the animal.  The hedgehog is not too fussed by our cat either.
It just goes on doing what it was doing and all is well in the garden today.

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Rustic Vintage Country said...

aawww, that's lovely!