Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas has arrived

 Christmas has arrived.  Chloe helped us to trim up for the season, she enjoys the excitement of new dangly things and shiny things about the house.  I must admit that now my seasonal job is coming to an end, it is starting to feel a bit like Christmas.  I only have this week to work then I am back to retirement again.
After our motoring misfortune, we thought it best to hire a car for the pre-Christmas period, so I have a Vauxhall Insignia for a week to enable us to finish our Christmas visits and shopping.  It is a pleasant change from the Agila.  We shall think more seriously about a new car after new year.  I always kept an account of my overall spending on motoring, including servicing, Mot, petrol, insurance, tax and parking costs.  The Agila was a cheap car to run, but it cosy us £2314.45 in the last 12 months, where more than half of the cost was on fuel.  We could hire this type of car for 12 weeks of the year for that sort of money and have a different model each time.  What an interesting thought!

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