Monday, 1 July 2013

Little Froglets

 This spring has been traumatic for our breeding frogs.  The first spawn was frozen in the late frosts.  We did rescue some spawn and those tadpoles are now little frogs.  A later spawning has resulted in lots of tadpoles late in the season.
 There are hundreds of tadpoles still with tails.  Some have developed legs.
 The majority of the youngsters are now fully formed frogs and they are ready to leave the pond.
 There are still some froglets with rudimentary tails which have not yet been resorbed.  They will not be leaving the pond just yet.
This little froglet still has quite a long tail, but it has all of its legs and they will allow it to climb at the waters edge.
I suspect that an unusually large number of there frogs will survive in this exceptional season.  If next winter is mild, we may see dozens of young frogs in the pond next year.

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Rustic Vintage Country said...

We went to a garden centre yesterday and the pool there was absolutely crammed with tailed tadpoles!