Friday, 6 December 2013

Pursglove one-name study

Recently, I started to restructure my Pursglove one-name study site.The first update was to put the names on a database which can be searched.  If you search for a name you will find each person has a number.  By searching again for that number, the family relationships will be displayed.
I still need to refine the name search with an advanced search as some names bring up masses of returns.

Searching for James will bring up a few options to choose from.  The returns will be on the order in the database.  By selecting an individual identity number, the family relationships for that individual can be viewed.
In this case, James Eyre was selected - Number 273 - and the database records will show his parents, siblings, any marriage and any children.  The location code is CAST, which is Castleton, Derbyshire.  Going to the county pages, the entry should be seen for that village.
Each village page should have a brief description and a picture of the parish church, followed by a list of recorded information.
In the case of John Eyre, the entry is brief, taken from parish records that were somewhat limited.
I am still not entirely happy with the structure of this website, but the data is much more accessible than the previous one.  It is quite a challenge to present large amounts of random data with a limited space resource.  Suggestions for improvements are welcome.  The main hurdle now is that it is relatively easy to update the database, more of a challenge to remember to update the individual village pages, which are static.  However, the village lists can be pulled off of the database in a separate search.

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