Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Flying with other players

Flight Simulators are either individual experiences or group adventures.  I have been exploring the use of Flight Sims. to fly with other "desktop pilots".  This has been an interesting experience.
My tag is Pterosaur54 and I have a hanger full of all sorts of aircraft.  My first adventure was to fly with Flint34 flying in simulated Hawaii in the early evening.  We were both flying Steerman Trainers on a calm day with little cloud cover.  Keeping up with each other was quite easy.
My next adventure was with Soxxer25.  I was flying a slow but capable Carbon Cub and Sox was flying a faster Vans RV-6.  When the capabilities of different aircraft are so far apart, flying together is a challange.  At full power I could manage 90kts whereas the Vans would slow to 90kts at 25% power with some down flap to avoid stalling.  Practicing landing and takeoff was the best option in these circumstances, or observing each others flights.
CoralWeevil98, OK the names probably mean something to the desk pilots - I think this is a default random selection by Microsoft, was flying an Ikon A5 amphibian.  This has a similar flight profilt to my Steerman biplane, so flying together is not too difficult.  He can land on water though!
This sort of adventure needs a good internet connection and the users are anonymous, they could be anyone, anywhere in the world.  The only clue is the language of communication.  Age of participents is also unknown - I could be flying with a 10 year old schoolchild or an 80 year old pensioner and I would not know.  What fun.....
 Some aircraft combinations are a bit extreme - Vans RV-6 flying with a Douglas C-46 cargomaster.

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