Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bright then Wet Wet Wet

 This little field mouse was photographed on a recent walk.  It looks remarkably bright in the sunshine.  More recently we have had yet more rain and this has been reflected in the household activities.
 Max has been keeping the LLoyd-Loom chair warm for hours.  He is an old boy and does not like inclement weather.
 His sister chloe is also making sure the carpet does not curl against the warm radiator, a vital function in any household.
 Not so long ago I received a copy of an old style flight simulator and had a go at running it on my computer.  This orion ran just as it does on my other sims.  (the little one in front).
 New to me was this Grumman Goose amphibian.  This is a 1940's design which is still flying in many forms today.
The instruments on this one are simple, very much the same as those on the DHC-1 chipmunks I flew in many years ago.  This aircraft was surprisingly easy to fly and very stable, provided you keep reasonably above stalling speed.

Wet weather can be fun, but I long for a brighter spell so that we can walk out and exercise some more.  It would be nice to do some gardening, but the garden is so waterlogged that it would take a week to dry out.

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