Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Watching the Water

Whirligig beetles are a fascination to watch.  They swim fast and furiously circling around each other and then whizz off to somewhere else on the surface of the water.  The camera has frozen the motion as two beetles swim past each other on the pond surface.
Water boatmen paddle around under the surface of the water, occasionally coming to hang below the surface using the water tension.
On the air side of the water surface are pond skaters.  They are able to walk on water, looking for unfortunate small insects that are struggling on the surface of the pond.  This is all small scale stuff happening on most ponds around the world.
 On a much grander scale, a bottlenose dolphin breaks the surface of the water in the Irish Sea.
Dolphins can often be seen along the shore of the UK, swimming in family groups called pods.  These ones where seen off the Llynn Peninsula, North Wales, at Criccieth and Llanbedrog.

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