Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Palm Oil

Rosie and I have been looking at food product contents for many years.  We avoid anything which contains Barley as I have an allergenic reaction to such products.  We also avoid other stuff like Palm Oil, which is a cheap substitute for butter, being a stable and saturated fat.  Over the last year or so I have noticed that this product is being used more in biscuits and frozen foods, and it has also started to appear in margarine advertised as low in saturated fats.  It has also appeared in some types of butter.  The food industry has again lost the plot in respect of cost and profit.
Apart from the health issues, the production of Palm Oil damages wild habitat and may put some species at risk of extinction.  It also needs to be transported great distances as most is grown in The Pacific Region, Africa and South America.  Do we want this type of product in our food?
A main concern is that butter and vegetable oils produced in Europe are being used less, and that may be an issue for employment and home grown prosperity.
I doubt that grumbling about this issue will have much effect on the producers.  The only serious way of making a difference is for consumers not to buy such products - the general public seem to be a predominantly fickle bunch who mostly only react to price and volume of products.  Oh Hum!

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