Thursday, 19 March 2015

What a lovely day

 This morning was a fresh and hazy one which quickly turned into a day of glorious sunshine.  A turn around Trentham Gardens was a joy to lift the spirits after a couple of mediocre days of weather.
 The contrast in the greens of the trees, shrubs and grasses is always striking at this time of year.  The Italian Gardens are starting to look something like spring is here.
 The lakefront with the backdrop of the recently cleared woodland has restored this section of the park to something close to the original garden design.  It is a distinct improvement.
 Good to see the Mandarin ducks out on the lake.  An original pair of ducks has produced offspring and they are now in their adult plumage.  Two males are a joy to see, and there were other groups of Mandarins on the lake this morning.
Of course, the famous white tree is seen in the sunlight on one of the Heronary Islands.  It is almost always seen with Cormorants perching high in the branches.

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