Tuesday, 5 January 2016

PayPal Scam

Today I received an E-mail from Paypal.  It was asking me to remove limitations on a payment.  As this PayPal account is defunct, I took the precaution of checking the source code of the E-mail.
This E-mail originated at a company in Thailand and was sent as a computer generated mailshot.  It contained coding that extracted images and text from the Paypal website.

          a armorlubricants="2Eco=2Euk/atlas/?6361474=A0135" blank="" color:=""

A link was embedded into the e-mail to a web site in the United Arab Emirates were presumably they would be able to access your PayPal password by appearing to be a PayPal log on page.

This type of scam is becoming an issue - don't click on the links...........

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