Thursday, 21 January 2016


We have been intending to wallpaper the end wall of our sitting room for some time, but were undecided about the paper.  Today we decided.
The pale walls had been there for years and we wanted a bit of colour to cheer the room up.  It is a room that gets little sunlight.
The wall is plain and all of the fittings are decorative except for the plug sockets and an old closed off gas fitting.  This was an easy wall to prepare.
It is over 25 years since I last hung wallpaper.  This time I decided to paste the wall and hang the paper directly - no need to buy a pasting table, so no storage problem.
The wallpaper was easy to handle and went on quickly.  A bold design that will be cheerful and add some texture to an otherwise dull wall.
A few hours on and the job is done.  I like it, but it will be a quick job to change the paper if it starts to look tired in the future.  There is a change of cushions to do and a change of mat, but that will wait until another day.

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