Wednesday, 3 August 2016

In another garden

Over the weekend, our car shed its fanbelt.  The engine coolant boiled and blew out through the seal cap.  This is the first fanbelt problem I have personnaly experienced in many years of driving.  Fortunately, my local mechanics were able to fit me in to their busy schedule and the car was restored to full working order yesterday, with just a few tweeks.  It had to be a cash transaction though, as their card machine was broken and they were having to wait for a replacement machine to be delivered. ("It's difficult to get the parts when they are stored overseas!")

To test out the car, and celebrate its return, we took a ride to a nearby garden centre where they have a show garden, and the all important good cafe.
A gap in the rain allowed us to wander at will and take some photographs.
I particularly like the patio arangement in the traditional flower garden.
The pond is also a joy to behold.
....And of course the bees are a constant presence around the flowers at this time of year.

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