Sunday, 11 September 2016

I hate coding bugs

Over the last two days, I have been encoding a PHP app to list the museums on my Pterosaur Database.  It was one of those times when an invisible gremlin invades the mind.  This program just would not run correctly - and I could not see why.
Here, the numbers at the top of the print are there to see how many times the selection tests are activated.  Every time, the software is showing me that it is flowing correctly, but it would not do the job.  Hours of checking and re-scripting was getting me nowhere fast.  Have a cuppa, go for a walk have another go - nothing was right.  Argh!!
Then in a moment of chance and delight, I spotted the culprit - A lower case c where I needed an upper case C.  Basic student error?  OK, no one will know if I keep quiet about it.......
Life can be a problem at times and it is always the little things that tip the balance between sanity and frustration.  All is well now and the data search is working as I intended it to do.

Time to remove the tomato plants from the greenhouse.  That should be less demanding of my sanity.
Another job done.

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