Thursday, 29 December 2016

A light fog rolls in

This morning we went for a stroll around Trentham Lake to blow away the cobwebs of Christmas.  The walk started as a clear fine day with a frost at -2 degrees Celcius.  About half way around the lake, the temperature rose  to -0.5 and a mist above the water started to look a bit more like fog.  These are some of the images that I took at the time.
1. 45mm auto, polarising filter. Island heronary
2. 60mm auto
3. 50mm auto, polarising filter, swans and geese
4.  55mm auto, directly into the sun. From the Italian garden
5. 45mm auto, sun behind the central tree.
Playing with the pixels can give some really good effects- It passes the time.....

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