Saturday, 1 April 2017

Cromford Canal

 Yesterday we were entertained along the Cromford Canal by a Dunnock chirping melodiously away in the trees.The weather was fine and the temperature reached 20 degrees C, which required the removal of jackets.
 We had ventured out to see the Dabchicks which return to the river every spring.  These Little Grebes have the most distinctive raucous warble when they are signalling to each other.
 We did not see as many as I expected, but the joy of the encounter was worth the trip.  If you walk along the canal from Cromford Mill to the railway junction, almost a mile, then the chances of seeing the Dabchicks is high at this time of year.  We were also informed that the Water Voles had been seen on the riverbank, but we did not see them on this occasion.  I did photograph one some years ago.
Keep an eye out in the woods by the canal.  You may see some unusual stuff in this part of Derbyshire.

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