Friday, 19 May 2017

Stand off

This afternoon, we had a visitor using the garden facilities for rest and relaxation.  This lady is suckling cubs and looking a bit ragged around the edges, so she takes every opportunity to rest away from the den.
She spotted one of our bird food thieves and decided to do a bit of worrying.  Foxes will eat squirrels if they get the chance.
We have a stand off.  A fox that cannot climb a metal post and a squirrel that is trapped with a good food supply.  Oh Hum!
After a while, this well fed fox lost interest and decided to investigate something else.
A good stretch and off to the brood again...

PS. The squirrel ran of in the other direction.  It has since returned to eat more bird food and pinch stones from the path to bury in  the lawns.

1 comment:

Robert said...

Love the fox pics, especially Mum doing her stretching execises.