Monday, 25 December 2017


The weather on Christmas morning was unseasonably mild, with rain at first, then a damp and warm day to follow.  By mid-day the wind had picked up to a noticeable breeze.
Breakfast was home made apple and berry jam with coffee and croissants.  Carols from  Kings playing in the background.
Dinner was a home made chestnut roast in pastry with roast vegetables, stuffing and red cabbage...
...followed by Rosie's Christmas pud and brandy butter.   Wow!

Just a little break to check out the bus simulator OMSI 2 and see what is available on line.
 Just like a real bus driver, there are passengers to pick up and drop off, timetables to keep to and traffic and pedestrians to avoid, as well as road works.
Of course, if you have a lot of money to throw at this sim, you can have the chair, steering wheel and pedals, gear stick and switch consul. It can be run from a qwerty keypad or a gaming control pad. Routes in the UK, Europe and the US can be added for a fee and some packages have bus blanks that can be painted up for custom simulations.  There is a serious following for this type of sim.

Still waiting for the results of my Ancestry DNA test.  That may be my next post.

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