Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Daughter of Mrs Fox

 At about 4pm today, a fox appeared in our garden.  This vixen was clearly lactating and had probably not long since had cubs.  She was insistent and not frightened, so she had been here before.
 I took some food out and she ate freely with me just a few meters away.  She was a young fox and had many of the characteristics of Mrs Fox from last year - but thicker fur and shorter legs, just like the female cub who was accompanied into the garden with her family.
The snow is lingering in the shade of the tall hedges whilst the rest of the garden is clear.  Outside temperature is close to freezing.  The forecast is poor for the coming night.
 This fox is fit and well, and settled in the safe haven of our garden.  Both Rosie and I felt that she recognised us from last year.
Just time for a clean up before returning to the den.  Foxes don't mess about when they have cubs to feed.


Robert said...

Wonderfil pics Paul. What a priviledge.

Pterosaur said...

Last night she was so cold that she came to the conservatory door and had her nose to the glass. She had second helpings to get her through what was a very bitter night of freezing snow and wind.
This morning it was clear that only fox prints and squirrel prints were in the snow. Birds and cats were not active. The feeders were empty.