Friday, 8 June 2018


 This evening started with a hexing look from a regular visitor. When dolly is in wildcat mode, she will not tolerate strange humans watching her.
As the light was fading, I looked out of the window and saw one of the cubs feeding from then food dish.  White tipped tail, probably male.  My camera was at hand.
 This is my first picture of a fox cub this year.  As I had the camera and the evening was warm, I decided to go out and sit quietly on the garden bench.
 The adult male fox was the first to spot me.  He hesitated and studied me from the top of the side lawn.
Shortly afterwards, mum and another cub popped through the holly hedge at the top of the garden.  They immediately fixed their stare on me - a human in our garden!  Normally when I am in the garden with the foxes, I talk quietly and gesture my intentions to them, moving away to the house.  They are not used to seeing me sitting silently in the garden.  Different makes them alert, especially with the cubs around.
The dark images have been "PhotoShop"-ed to show the details more clearly.

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