Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Squirrel Issue resolved

For years, squirrels have been pinching stones from our garden gravel and burying them in the lawn and garden.  Today is the day of reckoning, We have purchased a small box of grass seed.
 The side of the greenhouse was laid with 10 bags of gravel,  When I took the gravel up in almost filled 4 of the original sized bags.  I have built up the level with garden soil.
 The soil is coming from the base of three Leylandii trees which are due to be removed next month.
 These trees were planted on a mound of building rubbish by a previous owner of the property.  We discovered a copper tank top and heater element, a manhole cover lid and various bones and stones in the mound.
Having watered and seeded the soil, I have covered the grass seed with a fabric layer to stop the birds from eating the seed.  It should germinate in a few days and that will make the seed bitter and unpalatable to the birds, so the fabric can then be removed.  It should look good in a couple of months.

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