Sunday, 2 September 2018

Autumnal Feel

 Blackberries are now fully ripening,  These wild ones are small but very sweet.
 The Hawthorne bushes are full of haws.  Always a good sign that Autumn is starting.
 A Cracked Boletus (Boletus chrysenteron) is erupting over the top of a Mycena (Mycena galericuata). Both fungi fruiting bodies are in the early stage of development.
 Dead Mans Fingers (Xylosphaera polymorpha) are emerging from a rotten log from a fallen tree.
 Not sure of this one, it could be a waxcap or a champignon, but I suspect it is neither.  One to be avoided!
Gymnopilus penetrans on an old dead tree stump.

The feeling of the end of Summer is all around, and the nights are starting to close in.  We are usually thinking about putting on the winter quilt at this time, but it is still above 18 degrees C outside.

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