Friday, 21 June 2019

Testing my new car

Recently, our next door neighbour has become ill to the extent that she can no longer drive.  She offered me first refusal on her car and, having enough money saved and knowing the cars history, I purchased it.  It was something of a surprise as I had intended to keep my old car for a couple more years.
 I have never owned two cars before, so this is a new experience for me.  The blue one is a good motor and I shall put it up for sale next month.  Having sorted the documentation, it was time to give it a spin out.  This is the first time I have purchased a car without looking at it or driving it.
 A trip to Thornbridge hall near Ashby in Derbyshire to meet relatives was the tester.  The car drives very well, though it does have a smaller engine than the old motor, so it needs a bit more attention to tackle hills.  It is also a squeeze to get it into the garage as it is 15 inches longer than the old car.

Another trip out took us the the Peak Park wildlife experience near Leek off of the Ashbourne road.
 Meerkats are a treat for younger visitors.  They are in a zoo compound, so you can only look at them over a wall.
 The wallabies on the other hand, are in a walk through enclosure and  are within touching distance. (handwash provided on exit)
 The penguins are also in a walk through compound and there is an underpass where you can view them under water.
 Grey Heron - waiting around for penguin feeding time.
Of course, some of the animals, like this Black Ruffed Lemur are quite curious.  No, I did not have any lunch in my camera bag (one of Rosie's photos).

Thornbridge Hall  Excellent Cafe and plant sales.

Peak Wildlife   Very enjoyable experience

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