Thursday, 6 June 2019

Trentham Craft Fair

Today started out with blue skies and fluffy clouds.
After the morning flurry, we decided to go over to Trentham to take a look at the Craft Fair.  This was on the high ground at the site of the Old Hall.
The quality of the traders was amazing as always and I would have spent lots of money if I had it!  This evil looking fox is made from recycled wire.  The robin on the garden fork is also quite eye catching.
The one stall that stood out for me was the Wildwood LoveFlute offering with a wide range of hand crafted Native American style flutes, including a demonstration, which I found fascinating.
The Trentham Fairies have been absent for a few weeks, being renovated.  They are now appearing in the Gardens at different locations - we keep coming across old friends in new places.
As we were leaving the Gardens, we noticed two sets of Canada Geese walking off of the lakeside into the water.  The nearest had a brood of 6 very young  goslings and the furthest had 4 much larger offspring.  Could be first and second broods.

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